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Desiring Unspeakable Entropy


Two-channel video installation 

14 mins 59 secs

Videography and editing: Koichi Sato 

Sound Design: Hideki Umezawa 

Desiring Unspeakable Entropy captures the process by which the landscape of the Chichibu region of Japan becomes aestheticized like a piece of Land Art. The region is well known for its unique geological condition and a symbolical limestone mining site of Mt. Bukoh. The aestheticization happens through the spectacle of it created by drones and satellite imagery. The traces left behind on the scale of the millions of years of the Earth’s geological history and the deformations wrought by modern industry, as well as its irreversible entropy, are discussed in terms of a single ecology from different perspectives. The elaborate operations of the drone that project overland images as seen from the sky, allowing us to manipulate our impressions of the comprehensive ecological landscape of the site in an almost playful fashion. This playfulness of the multiple perspectives triggers our contemporary desire to (visually) “see” the spectacle of environmental crisis. At the same time, our bodies somehow suffer from vertigo and a sense of displacement.




IMMA Editions (Artist Limited Editions) of  "Desiring Unspeakable Entropy" is available on The IMMA Shop.

By purchasing The IMMA Editions you are directly supporting IMMA exhibitions and educational programs.


The work is commissioned by Irish Museum of Modern Art for the exhibition "Desire: A Revision from the 20th Century to the Digital Age" from 21 Sep 2019 to 22 Mar 2020.

Special thanks:
Shin Sasakubo
Takeshi Shimizu 
Hannyasan Hoshoji Temple
Mt. Bukoh Museum
Saitama Museum of Natural History

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