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Dokkyaku (visiteur solitaire) 

Seiha Kurosawa + Kanako Azuma + Hideki Umezawa 


Two channels video installation


Camera assistant: Shintaro Sumimoto

This work is commissioned by Japan Foundation for the exhibition "FUKAMI - UNE PLONGÉE DANS L'ESTHÉTIQUE JAPONAISE", Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, as part of JAPONISME 2018.

The video installation,  Dokkyaku (the Lone Visitor), presented on a double screen, focuses on works produced by Isson Tanaka during the last years of his life after he had moved to the island of Amami Oshima. Its approach aims at showing up the texture and materiality given to the paintings, thanks to the use of pigment, but also their remarkable composition, and it allows the spectators to understand, poetically, the deep sensitivity to nature that characterized Isson Tanaka.

It takes us in his footsteps in Amami, reviewing the historical context and also presenting the particularities of the fauna and flora of these islands which are so different from Okinawa or Honshu. Furthermore, thanks to the poems of Édouard Glissant, an author originally from Martinique, which are displayed on one of the screens, the film offers not only an interpretation of the specificities of the nature of Amami Oshima and its inhabitants, but also of the career of Isson Tanaka and of the expressivity of his works, taking in a broad amplitude, and thus combining these elements into a plural awareness of the world.


Special Thanks:



Amami City Amami Museum

Ooshima Tsumugimura Co., Ltd.

Amami City, Commercial and industrial sightseeing department, Pongee Tourism Division

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